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Imitation Meat

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by orens in all natural foods

wholesome foodOne of the fastest growing  sectors of the wholesome food world is imitation meat. With more people identifying as vegetarians and flexitarian’s (semi-vegetarian) the market for imitation meat products is growing.  The number has grown from a handful of veggie burger and veggie dog brands ten years ago to hundreds of brands making veggie sausage, chicken, duck and virtually every other meat product.

Restaurants have been adopting to the trends as well as food retailers. Most restaurants offer some kind of imitation meat. People are increasingly finding out you don’t need to eat meat to get that meaty taste and fullness. This trend is sure to continue as more people turn away from or limit their meat intake.

This represents a good opportunity for food manufacturers and restaurants. With more people seeking these foods out the market is increasing.  Stay ahead of the trend by keeping stocked on all sort of imitation meat. It’s no longer acceptable to have one vegetarian choice, people want variety and if you can provide that they will go elsewhere.

Although most imitation meats are made of tofu or seitan people are trying new things every day. Some new imitation meat products are being made from mushrooms, quinoa, and a host of other ingredients. What will the future hold for wholesome foods? Certainly a lot more variety.

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